In order to present a musical or an artistic performance on the public domain, artists must first obtain a Public Entertainer Permit, in accordance with the Règlement sur les musiciens et amuseurs publics.  One of the prerequisites is to successfully audition before an evaluation committee.

A musician who had failed was complaining that his audition had been too short and that the Borough had not communicated his results and the evaluation grid, within a reasonable time.

The OdM’s investigation confirms that these grievances were founded.

The evaluation committee members acknowledge that they had indeed shortened the duration time of these auditions because, based on their experience, they deemed it too long.  The committee also confirms having exceeded the deadline to communicate the results and evaluation grid to the plaintiff.

The Borough offers to reimburse the musician his audition costs, which he accepts.

The Borough also commits to respect the provisions of the Bylaw with regard to the audition process and communication of the results.  If it deems it appropriate, the Borough could, however, proceed to amend these provisions.

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